Online Children & Baby First Aid Course Course – Just Launched

Learning first aid is so important, but It’s easily forgotten. Not many parents will have a First aid mannikin to practice on, but most will have a teddy bear or doll.

Using a Teddy bear Bumps and Bashes who specialise in teaching modern first aid for parents and grandparents of Children & Babies has just launched its first online Children & Baby First Aid  course. It could save a life!

A Teddy Bear is also used on the online course and parents can actively have a go themselves, in their own homes, The kinaesthetic way (learning through physical activity) helps many people remember, should this awful situation arise.

First aid has the image of boring, but when it’s about learning life-saving skills for your family, suddenly it has a more important interest. This course is about educating, empowering, and making first aid interesting. It’s about teaching parents if a child has eaten a washing pod or burnt themselves on hair straighteners and includes real modern teaching about CPR, Recovery Position, and choking plus minor injuries.

The course is packed with bite sized easy learning lessons. Stop and start anytime and can be accessed anywhere in the world.

“Don’t forget it, practice it”

The launch price is reduced to £9.99 hopefully no parent needs to call 999   Children & Baby First Aid Online Course

An electronic gift voucher can be bought as a Unique Gift for any parent and expecting parents and the launch price is under a tenner.  It can be sent anywhere in the world, with no posting or wrapping, and accessed anytime.

Learning to save a life has no negatives.

Baby Choking – Practice on a Teddy Bear

Online Children & Baby First Aid Course

Take a look at the short video below and have a practice yourself.

Bumps and Bashes Teddy- Baby Choking extract from online course