Bumps and Bashes Children & Baby First Aid Book

For Grandparents, Parents and Carers

Secure your peace of mind with a copy of my Children & Baby First Aid book.

Baby and Children First Aid BookWhile you’ve likely child-proofed your home with stair gates and safety locks, the real question is: would you be prepared in an emergency? Elevate your family’s safety by ordering my Bumps & Bashes Childre & Baby First Aid Book for convenient home delivery (UK only).

Crafted for quick reference, this first aid book ensures you can swiftly access vital information when needed. Acquiring life-saving skills is paramount, especially for your loved ones, and this book serves as a practical reminder for those who have attended a course or as a valuable alternative for those unable to do so.

It is an ideal complement to go through with the online course. Online Course

Don’t leave safety to chance. Order your Children & Baby First Aid Book effortlessly through the dropdown box below and empower yourself with essential life-saving knowledge.

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