Baby First Aid Wilmslow

Children & Baby First Aid Course Wilmslow

Parents learning on a Baby First Aid Course Wilmslow

Baby First Aid Course Wilmslow

Wilmslow parents can learn first aid for their babies, children & their own families. Designed for parents this course may prevent a minor incident from turning into a Major Injury.

99% of past attendees rate this course as Excellent. The reviews will tell you what others thought of the course.

The course focuses on Children & Baby First Aid furthermore and equally as important included is Adult Emergency First Aid. It will help you respond promptly hopefully preventing a minor injury, from turning into a major incident.

I will be teaching you, Kate, I have a wealth of knowledge & I am a fully qualified instructor, teaching these courses since 2009. Once you finish the course you will feel very proud you have learned the most important of skills.

Open classes are held regularly which everyone is welcome to attend. Home classes are very popular for groups of friends, and families. If you have a large say NCT group, there’s no waiting around, as I’ll bring at least 9 manikins with me.

Learn immediately you can learn with the Online Children & Baby First Aid Course

To be kept informed of future courses in your area, to arrange a home class, or if you have any questions please email

I look forward to seeing you at a Bumps and Bashes first aid class soon!

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