Babies First Aids Classes

Children & baby first aid courses for parents since 2009

Our specialised Children & Baby first aid classes are just one class. It’s specific for parents/carers & grandparents and it’s one skill you will never regret learning. Come to one small group or organise a private class at your convenience for your friends and family at home

1000’s of parents have taken the short time  to learn first aid for their baby, children & own families, that can save lives. Although this class covers Choking, CPR, Recovery position for all the family, it is design with parents in mind and covers lots more which can prevent a minor incident turning into a Major Injury.

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First Aid Saves LivesWe don’t believe in wrapping babies & children in cotton wool.  Kids play, it’s how they learn but bumps, bashes and everyday accidents are inevitable.  If it’s more serious and your child needs your help in an emergency, would you know what to do?

Parents love the convenience (Home Classes) and the relevance of our courses.  We don’t talk about filling in accidents books, just keeping your children & babies as safe as possible in those vital minutes, until the ambulance arrives.

If you are not completely satisfied immediately after the event, you will receive a 100% refund.
Don’t rely on others to know first aid as accidents are never planned.
Our baby first aid courses are held across the UK and we currently have baby first aid franchisees in London, Manchester, Cheshire, Crewe, Northwich, Stockport, Warrington, and Macclesfield.

Bumps And Bashes Baby First Aid
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